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255 Finance

Who we are

255 Finance is a specialist finance company that has been established to provide flexible asset-backed finance to customers across Australia. Backed by the financial strength of a leading Australian financial services group, 255 Finance has brought together experienced staff from leading global financial services companies to provide specialist finance products to commercial customers.

Australian Reference Rates

As at: 9.00 Monday, 16th Sept 2019

1 Year 0.98
2 Year 0.96
3 Year 0.97
4 Year 1.06
5 Year 1.10
6 Year 1.17
7 Year 1.23
8 Year 1.29
9 Year 1.33
10 Year 1.39

Source: 255 Finance

Specialised Finance

Specialised finance relates to niche financial products and distribution strategies that meet the needs of customers or distribution channels. Specialist finance companies can be categorised into three key areas:

Asset-backed finance relates to lending that utilises assets as security and allows for a higher level of funding or lower repayments as debt amortisation more closely matches future asset values. Examples of asset-backed finance include receivables finance, equipment finance and insurance premium funding.

Full service leasing bundles including maintenance and consumables with equipment acquisition to provide customers with the use of an asset at a lower cost than outright ownership. Car and truck fleet leasing and full service IT leasing are examples of this type of finance

Distribution or vendor finance relates to the provision of finance to manufacturers or distributors that meets their particular needs. These distributors have customers that span the credit spectrum and may include large and small customers. 255 Finance has been established to deliver these specialist financial products and services both directly to larger commercial organisations and through our funding relationships with specialist finance providers.

Wholesale finance

255 Finance has a wealth of understanding of specialised finance products. We recognise that the efficient delivery of these products requires a detailed knowledge of the particular assets or industry and the appropriate dedicated systems and processes. 255 Finance is not able to deliver all of these products directly but has the capability to partner with specialist finance companies by providing funding to finance companies that do have the capability.

255 Finance can provide range of funding to finance companies across the capital structure.